Wedding Trends for 2022

12th February 2022

It is difficult to talk about wedding trends without mentioning seasons, as the seasons wedding trends are generally dictated by fashion, which in turn can impacts the design of interiors.

Fashion houses, including that of reputable Pantone, are predicting a brighter and more colourful year ahead. On the back of the last 12 months, it is not too difficult to see why. The belief is that the market will welcome the brighter colour palettes, after suffering months of lockdown.

Pantone’s executive director recently stated –

“Infused with a genuine authenticity that continues to be increasingly important, colours for Spring/Summer 2021 combine a level of comfort and relaxation with sparks of energy that encourage and uplift our moods.”

The Wedding Trends

Weddings encompass many, and various, design elements, from flowers, to dress theme and catering. There are many things that become required from various wants, or sometimes demands. It can become impossible to service all requirements, but in the modern day the organisers will do there best to suffice all requirements.

On the back of recent events, many are predicting a more meaningful celebration for near future weddings. Many predict the trend of inviting friends and distant relatives who you may not have seen for several years, becoming less of a thing. This allows for more budget to spent on other areas, whilst also knowing a more intimate wedding occasion will be happening.

Micro Weddings

A new trendy term has already appeared in 2021, that of “micro weddings”, though in keeping with the usual wedding traditions but primarily they are a lot lower key than the standard wedding day. A lower number of guests and a lot less formal than the traditional wedding day.

The Micro Wedding means there can be a lot more focus on the smaller things, as more budget means the personal touches can be enhanced. Already, many are combining their big day with unusual extravagancies, such as wine tasting or other more personalised touches, on point with the guests and family.

Wedding Décor

Though it is predicted within the world of fashion to be a sunnier outlook, wedding interiors are seeing more encompassing natural aspects. Luscious greenery combined with foliage is beginning to become more popular. Ceremonies are seeing tables being decorated with foliage, pretty leave combinations and all-round greenery more on show.

The Wedding Dress

Wedding fashion houses are already predicting a change of style and look for the wedding dress in 2021. Many stating that a resurgence in a lesser structured look, with less formal styles whilst added textures become more prevalent.


This is where there will be more noticeable changes, in the sleeves! The return of a more billowed shape look is beginning to emerge. A puffy looking sleeve, with either a smaller cap or full length for the new sleeve look is becoming more and more popular in 2021.

As weddings adopt a more relaxed feel, the rule book is being altered for the world of wedding dress fashion. There will be an increase for the shorter above the knee dresses, with more brides choosing to hitch up the hem line, all aids the dance moves. Footwear will be about fun, more pastel colours and even richer tones to give a more fun feel to the big day.

We hope you have enjoyed the first instalment of our Wedding Predictions for 2021. We intend to return to this topic in the coming months, to reflect on the above and talk more about the marquee set-up for weddings in 2021.

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